Rebels of the Future - FW20

Inspired by different tribes around the world.
We are all one planet and one culture: “The human race”
This collection is about clashing different cultures with each other, about the past even more about the future.

There is still 100 Tribes living in isolation of the society we know.
More and more tribes are passing away as it is more and more difficult to escape from the modern society.
Which difficulties are they facing because of the environmental issues.
How do these people feel after they move into a big city after living isolated for a long time and how would they associate with the modern world?

Based on tribes all over the world and clashing them into a very modern and sophisticated collection, with using plant based and animal free materials to point out the environmental issues we are already facing.

“We have to start documenting those cultures very quickly because they are going to disappear and as soon as they disappear we will loose something which is very important to us, it is our authenticity its where we came from it is our origin!”
Jimmy Nelson.

Photographer: Sanni Saarelainen
Model: Ami Benton​
Styling: Rebekah Roy
Hair: Charlotte Pierce Hair
Make Up: Miin HMUA