About us

"We are the rebels of the future"
Born and raised in Germany with Iranian heritage, the sustainable fashion designer's name sake brand - Sarah Regensburger - was born 2018 in London. 
Combining modern art with the inspiration of the worlds diversity of cultures is the key of inspiration.
“Raised with 2 different cultures,
diversity it is very important to me and I want to showcase this
in my collection.
as human beings, we are interconnected with nature -
- this is why our focus is to create a collection 
that is less harmful for the planet.
Sarah Regensburger Vegan Fashion Designer London
- We believe -
Respect Nature, Respect Human being, Respect the environment.
- Cruelty Free Fashion -
It is important for Sarah Regensburger as a brand as well as a designer to be sustainable which is why our focus is on vegan and cruelty free pieces and a fair production in Europe.
All our pieces are designed in our studio based Hackney Wick, East London.
1 Trowbridge Road 
London E9 5LD 
United Kingdom
E-Mail: info@sarahregensburger.co.uk