About us

"We are the rebels of the future"
Sarah Regensburger, a German-born, London based fashion designer is combing modern art with the inspiration of the worlds diversity of cultures.
Compelling stories of our tribal origin and our connection with Mother Nature.
Inspired by her travels and visiting several tribes around the world,
she uses her references about different cultures and this is influencing each collection of the brand.
“Raised with 2 different cultures,
diversity it is very important to me and I want to showcase this
in my collection as well as the
deep connection we have with nature
that’s why our focus is to create a collection which is
less harmless for the planet.”
- We believe -
Respect Nature, Respect Human being, Respect the environment.
- Cruelty Free Fashion -
The products we are selling are completely vegan:
100% animal and cruelty free with using the Peta approved vegan logo.
We focus on fair production mainly made in Germany & London.
All our pieces are designed in our studio based Hackney Wick, East London.
1 Trowbridge Road 
London E9 5LD 
United Kingdom
E-Mail: info@sarahregensburger.co.uk