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German born, London based with Iranian heritage - Regensburgers diverse upbringing has provided a unique passage of creativity with no boundaries, allowing Sarah to showcase her artistic freedom and celebrate likeminded individuals through her label.

Photo by Lauren Marsh Photography


 “REBEL WITH A CAUSE” quite literally does what it says on the tin, Regensburger hand selected thought-provoking individuals and designs featured the brands philosophy. Their one common dominator being that they are all rebels, rule breakers and good time miscreants.

Regensburger philosophy is quite simple, ‘be a badass that does good’, this approach has garnered a mighty following of fiercely loyal customers who, like her, support the vegan and sustainable movement by making positive steps to help future generations. 

sarahregensburger-Londonfashionweek-season23-showPhoto by allaphoto.art

Bamboo fur and cactus leather make up some of the unexpected materials which complete the brands philosophy, Sarah’s desire to utilize alternative fabrics that don’t harm the environment have been perfectly encapsulated to fall in line with her core beliefs. The mix of glamour vs punk was intentionally blurred, it showcases a fun and unique approach to Sarah’s aesthetic, with each garment created to work as a look or separate with a traditional fit for a modern silhouette. Everything is made in Europe in limited runs, her clients love this “miss it, miss out” style of production, knowing they own a very special piece from a one-of-a-kind label championing a plant-based approach to design.


Photo by allaphoto.art

“Even though I always dreamt about having my own brand, it was always far away from reality. Moving to London in 2018 really changed a lot and was one of the biggest inspirations in my journey. At that time, I became vegan myself and changed my lifestyle completely, so this has been a big transition for me. When I was thinking about creating my own brand, I fell in love with the idea of sharing my values with the world and creating a brand that only uses animal-free materials. I saw a gap in the market that would serve badass looks whilst being transparent about the materials, the production, and the process. I just had to create this label to show the world that vegan clothing can be beautiful and badass at the same time”. Sarah Regensburger.


 Sarah Regensburger the label started in 2019 and sits within the British Fashion Councils family of independent design houses. Garments are available to buy directly though the Sarah Regensburger websites as well as an independent e-commerce’s who champion young design.


Sarah Regensburger was named Designer of the Year by the PETA Fashion Award 2022