Meet Sue Dray

"There is a Rebel in all of us - we just got to find it."
Sue Dray is a well known fashion artist and illustrator based in London, UK.
For our Season 22: "I am a Rebel" we would like to share Sue's Story and why she considers herself as a Rebel.
"It is only through the Rebel and the passion in all of us, that we get our voices heard."
The Rebel found me, I think I was always wanting to shake things up a bit when I was younger.
I always wanted to challenge the Rules, never was happy with rules they never made sense.
In 1972, I was a student of London College of Fashion.
I had to do something about the policy that women weren't allowed to wear trousers into college - it seemed insane to me!
I got chucked out because I was causing too much trouble.
We where all marching for our rights, we still are marching for our rights, we still haven't got our rights.
"That is why the Rebel found me, because I needed to have a voice.
I was always very shy about saying what I thought but if we don't say what we want to say nothing changes!"
There was a certain expectation of me to be a good housewife, learn to sew and cook and that made me a Rebel against that.
I just never wanted to conform - I always wanted to backlash against it.
I love clothes, I think they are an expression of our personality.
I loved the way clothing made me feel, they were my amour - they made me brave and maybe gave me the opportunity to be that Rebel.