Meet Moon Onyx Starr

"Animals are not products - life doesn't have a price."
Moon Onyx Starr is a vegan activist and entrepreneur based in London, UK.
For our Season 22: "I am a Rebel" we would like to share Moon's Story and why she considers herself as a Rebel.
"Brown Skin, white land born into the home of another man. But now I know what I was born to be:
- A Rebel with a cause - 
Born in the UK, I grew up in the US, New Zealand and moved to India for several years to explore my roots and work as a journalist.
- The Motherland is Magical - 
I am now back in the UK, back where it all began.
I am still finding myself and my place in this vast world.
It is a never ending journey of self discovery.



Through my food, clothing and lifestyle choices, I fight for the rights of animals, sentient loving beings.

Like humans they feel safe in their mothers embrace and as they are ripped out of her arms - incomparable heartbreak.

- Our duty as humans is to protect the vulnerable - I will never stop fighting for my friend. -