Meet Dolly

"Being nicknamed trouble in school, I realised definitely I am a Rebel - it became my Superpower"
Dolly Okeowo is a intersectional feminist based in London, UK.
For our Season 22: "I am a Rebel" we would like to share Dolly's Story and why she considers herself as a Rebel.
Growing up being a Rebel was a bad thing, being radical was a bad thing.
"Being nicknamed trouble in school, I realised definitely I am a Rebel.
This is something I learned to embrace and accept, it became my superpower."

I started to look at who the rebel in history are and started to realise that the Rebels where women that were paving their own way and they weren't taking what society was giving them.

"They didn't want to be a slave to the system."

Being a Rebel is the only way to be heard.

I want people to understand what it means to be a feminine source of energy and to see the Queerness in that, the Blackness in that, the magic in that.

I want black women to understand that being black, being beautiful is different for anyone and every women.



Sisterhood is really important to me, it is bringing women together and it is strong.


The first time I ever realised that I could be someone different from what my parents wanted, from what church wanted, from what society wanted was through fashion.

Fashion enables me to take what I feel on the inside, put it on the outside and just have the world look at it straight.