Meet Ami Benton

"I love pushing boundaries, breaking the perceptions of normality."
Ami Benton is a performer and dancer based in London, UK.
For our Season 22: "I am a Rebel" we would like to share Ami's Story and why she considers herself as a Rebel.

- I consider myself to be Rebel when it comes to my Art, Fashion and Dance. -

I love pushing boundaries, love breaking the perceptions of normality and questioning what is normal and what is beautiful?


Also love playing with gender, playing with different energies: masculine and feminine energies and I think fashion allows that portal to really express yourself as a person.


I am passionate, I am determined, I am artistic, I am creative.

There is so many parts of my personality that help me to really show  my art in different ways.

- The most important part about my future is to remain my authentic self and not to be worried about validation from others. 
I love being myself. -