Ethical Commitment

Being an ethical and sustainable brand is mandatory to us.

This is the ethics we built our brand and if you would like to receive more information or have any questions regarding materials or/and production please feel free to ask:

We are completely transparent in our process and would like to share that with our costumers as much as possible.

Our Material Choice

Carefully sourced materials from sustainable and small production and fabric mills. We are working mainly with European based companies or fabric mills that are standing for sustainable and ethical production.

We implement sustainable and plant based materials as much as we can.

Organic cotton verified materials, plant based innovational materials like Pineapple leather, hemp yarn, bamboo, ...

For more information check out: The Materials

Animal Free

Sarah Regensburger stands for a cruelty free approach which means our products are 100% certified animal and cruelty free.

We are proudly using the Peta approved vegan logo.


We are proud to be part of the FAKE Movement.



The Production

All the pieces are produced in fair and good conditions made within Europe. Our production territories are: Germany, England, Poland.

Which not only promises a high quality on production but also that all our products are made within good conditions.


We implemented Blockchain Technology in our FW20 Collection. This gives our costumer a transparent approach and they can check all the details of the material and the production. We know it is good to trust but if you can check everything by yourself? Even better!


We don't like to waist anything so all our packaging is meant to be kept. We are using high quality magnetic boxes which you can keep and use for yourself.

Even our tissue paper and the stickers are 90% recycled.


Small Quantities

We don't want to waist our clothing so our products are meant to be kept forever and last as much as possible.

We order small quantities and will rather make more pieces whenever we are sold out. Why are we doing that? We don't want to waist any products. We have enough clothing to be waisted and we don't want to be part of that.

Our goal is: You will love your Sarah Regensburger piece and will keep it. It should be something special. This is our commitment against fast fashion.

Let's fight against against excessive waist together.


As much as we can we are implementing certificates for materials, production and general information about the products.

If you have any questions or request a certificate please drop us an email: